Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long do you take to set-up?
A.That depends on what is being rented. Inflatables usually take 15 minutes to set up and party tents roughly take 45 minutes to set up.
Q.What locations qualify for free delivery?
A.All of Omaha, Papillon, Bellevue, Bennington, and Elkhorn
Q.How can I reassure that my order has been received?
A.Once you checkout you will receive an email confirmation with an order number.
Q.Will my rental time start upon the arrival of that I rented or until it is fully set up?
A.Your time will start upon arrival.
Q.What do I need for a set up?
A.We need access to power, we have extension cords if necessary. For water inflatables we will need a regular garden hose (we do not and will not provide garden hoses).
Q.What kind of power outlet do I need?
A.A standard US outlet is all that is needed(regular outlets will do).
Q.Do you bring a generator?
A.A generator is not included in the price of the rental, but if you need one we can rent one to you at an extra cost.
Q.Do I need a flat land area for the items that are being rented out?
A.You don't need a super flat area. A little hilly or bumpy will do just fine.
Q.Can you setup on concrete?
A.Yes, we can set up on concrete, we use sandbags to secure the inflatable. On a lightly windy day, the safest setup is on grass. If it is very windy, we will need to reschedule the rental.
Q.Do we have to keep the inflatable plugged in the whole time it is in use?
A.Yes, a blower keeps air in the inflatable. It is not safe to use the inflatable without air in it.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (402) 594-7593

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